Stereo sound of two fine guitarists

Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazengarb continue to wow audiences around the globe with their world-class guitar show. Loren and Mark share a unique musical chemistry, and are the perfect match in both virtuosity and sensitive musicality. The pair are known for their stunning original instrumentals, electrifying improvisation, beautiful renditions of classic melodies, and superb vocal duets. Loren and Mark's diverse repertoire draws on many musical influences- including Americana, Jazz, Classical, Bluegrass, Gypsy Jazz. Their unique style of guitar playing is largely built upon the thumb-picking techniques pioneered by guitar greats Merle Travis and Chet Atkins. This is guitar playing like you've never heard before!

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“At Guitar Dreamers we have a true passion for the guitar. We pride ourselves in staying on the leading edge of technology with all that is happening in the guitar world, and offer some great instruments for sale, both acoustic and electric. Check out our “Events” section to see what great concerts are coming up that we produce. We have featured some of the world’s best guitarists here, including Tommy Emmanuel and Doyle Dykes.”

One of our passions is also donating quality guitars to missionaries and Christian workers all over the world. We have a non-profit organization called Guitar Ministries, LLC, and we have donated quality instruments to missionaries all over the world.

Worldwide Superstar Talent
Superstar Talent Events

Super Talent

Richard Smith and the Hot Club of Nashville premiered in Baton Rouge in 2013. Just one of the many Concert Events sponsored by Guitar Dreamers.

Supporting Our Own
Supporting Our Own

Local Support

Before bringing on Phil Keaggy, We pledged 8 brand new guitars to local students who couldn't afford their own.

Saving The World!
Saving The World!

World Support

John Kokas was presented with a new guitar in Uganda as a public service of Guitar Dreamers worldwide support mechanism.


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  • 25

    12:00 AM

    MidCity Ballroom,
    Baton Rouge, LA

    Stereo sound of two fine guitarists

    Stereo sound of two fine guitarists

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    8:00 PM

    Manship Theatre,
    Baton Rouge, LA

    Tommy Emmanuel Concert

    Tommy Emmanuel Concert

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    4:00 PM

    Hartley Vey Theater,
    Baton Rouge, LA

    A Day with Tommy Emmanuel

    A Day with Tommy Emmanuel


Church in Cordoba

by Picking in Samuel Sanchez's Church

Picking in Samuel Sanchez's Church

2016 Cordoba Mexico Trip

I was fortunate to make my second trip to Cordoba, Mexico in the Vera Cruz area of Mexico.  The work there is MITC, Mexican Indian Training Center.  This year, we had a 3 day conference where I was teaching workshops during the day, and various concerts and worship services.  This photo is at the church attended by brother Samuel Sanchez there in Cordoba.  This church is a wonderful group of fellow believers there in Cordoba, and it seemed like half the church plays guitar!!  I had part of the evening service there, and played some fingerstyle hymns which all seemed to enjoy.

Mountains Outside Cordoba, Mexico

by Village Service in Mountains Near Cordoba

Village Service in Mountains Near Cordoba

Mountains Near Cordoba, Mexico

M.I.T.C. (Mexican Indian Training Center) has begun a rather new ministry high in the mountains about an hour's drive out of Cordoba.  One afternoon on our recent trip to MITC, a large group of us took the drive up this mountain and put on an outdoor worship service.  We took a portable generator, sound system and set up a tent type of a gathering area.  Our group included some very talented musicians, including Ronnie Cates, formerly with Petra.  It was not an easy trip up into the mountains.  A few of us got sick with all the bouncing and altitude, but it was worth it.  I can't tell you the feeling I was left with as we gave these folks a quality guitar fom Guitar Ministries.  Thanks to you, our supporters, we can give these folks a guitar that has a list price of over $1,000.  As you look at this photo, you can see that purchasing such an instrument as this is just not possible for them.  This is a very poor area of Mexico.  Due to our company relationships, we can get these guitars with a case  for around $350, so we get a lot of mileage out of your donations.  Some of the guitars we get today have a retail value of near $1,300.  Yet, we pay only around $350 on average for the guitar with case. 

Beautiful Theater in Belz, Moldova

by Beautiful Theater in Belz

Beautiful Theater in Belz

Concert in Belz, Moldova

What an experience to perform in this beautiful theater built in the Soviet Union days.  There is a great ministry going on in this city of Belz, and I was privileged to not only perform in this beautiful theater, but was able to conduct a large guitar and worship leading class at one of the large churches in Belz.  We left them with four quality guitars.  Getting quality guitars in Moldova is not easy, and if you do find one, it is very, very expensive.  So, when we arrive with four really nice guitars, these folks are so overwhelmed.  During this entire trip, I was able to teach guitar and worship leading classes while my wife Sharon and our dear friends, Larry and Marcella Miller, taught various classes on family living and marriage.  

Worship Leading Class

by Worship Guitar Class

Worship Guitar Class

Worship Guitar Class in Belz, Moldova

This was the largest class we had while in Moldova.  Most of the played Mandolin.  A few played guitar, so we spoke a lot about using what gift God gave you for His Glory.  It was fun to play with this mandolin orchestra some of their tunes.  This was such an uplifting time, and we left them with four quality guitars.

On Stage with Mandolin Orchestra

by Belz, Moldova Concert

Belz, Moldova Concert

On Stage in Belz

Seated behind me in this photo is the large mandolin orchestra from Belz, Moldova.  All of these young people and their mandolins joined me later on for a meal and Worship Leading class.  I performed that night at the concert, and the next day we had a great class with the young people from this orchestra.  We even played a tune together.  It was a fun and uplifting time.

Komrat Guitar Class

by Guitar, Romania, Guitar Concert Guitar Class in Komrat, Moldova

Guitar Class in Komrat, Moldova

2016 Moldova Romania Trip

Sharon and I, along with Larry and Marcella Miller had a wonderful trip to Moldova and Romania at the end of 2016.  It is so encouraging to visit these friends, half way around the world, and minister with them in their churches.  Guitar Ministries provided some very nice guitars to the folks in both Romania and Moldova.  As we visited cities in both countries, I was putting on guitar classes and concerts, and Larry, Marcella and Sharon were conducting classes in family and marriage ministry.  It was such a joy to share the guitar styles of Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel with the folks over there.  That fingerstyle type of playing is not well known in that area.  We visited Arad and Butenia in Romania, and Komrat, Beltz and other cities in Moldova. It was such an encouraging trip.

Romania Radio Interview

by Carlton and Cristian Barbosa in Romania

Carlton and Cristian Barbosa in Romania

Radio Interview in Romania

One of the many ministries that Cristian Barbousa has in Arad, Romania is a Christian Radio Station in Arad.  They broadcast the Gospel all over Romania, and have had many come to Christ through this ministry.  I was interviewed on the air while visiting there, and this is a photo of the studio.  I was able to conduct some workshops in Arad, and performed a concert one evening at Cristian's church, Harvest Metanoia, there in Arad.  Sharon, Larry and Marcella conducted classes on family and marriage.  

4 for Mozambique

by Guitar Ministries healing place church, guitar donations Healing Place Church and Guitar Ministries aids Mozambique

Healing Place Church and Guitar Ministries aids Mozambique

4 guitars were delivered to Mozambique through Healing Place

A mission team from the Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, LA recently made a mission trip to Mozambique, Africa. Aley Demarest from that church contacted Carlton Jones of Guitar Ministries, and four guitars were delivered by the team to the mission work there in Mozambique. Part of the praise and worship team from the church made the trip, and they brought an Ovation guitar, a Takamine guitar, and an Ibanez bass from Guitar Ministries and a Strat donated by Aley. What some of the team did was to leave their guitars at home, and played the donated guitars there in Mozambique, and left the guitars there for the mission on their departure. The guitars mean a lot more to the folks in the field when they see them played by such good players.

Back The Blue

by Bikers Support Baton Rouge Police

Bikers Support Baton Rouge Police

Back The Blue Bikers Rally

The summer of 2016 was a tough summer for law enforcement in Baton Rouge, LA.  One of the most moving events I've ever been a part of was the Biker's Rally for Law Enforcement in Baton Rouge.  Hundreds and hundreds of bikers arrived in formation at police headquarters in Baton Rouge.  Estimates were that there were over 500 motorcycles in the procession.  I was privileged to play guitar for one of the lady bikers, Sandy Michelet, who sang Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone.  It was incredibly moving, and then a biker chaplain spoke followed by one of the bikers playing taps.  It was an honor to help pay tribute to the men and women of our law enforcement who put their lives on the line daily on our behalf.  This photo is with some of our wonderfuly Baton Rouge officers.

MITC Guitar Presentation

by Carlton Jones Guitar Presentation, Charity, World Service Guitar Giveaway - Location: MITC Worship Conference

Guitar Giveaway - Location: MITC Worship Conference

Presenting Guitars MITC Worship Conference

Carlton joined up with some of the musicians and pastors from Broadmoor Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA and participated in a 3 day Worship Leaders Conference at Mexican Indian Training Center in Cordoba, Mexico. The first guitar given away by our ministry, Guitar Ministries, was given to MITC over 30 years ago. Carlton got invited to perform and teach several seminars on guitar at this Worship Leaders Conference. Over 800 were in attendance, and it was a huge success. Guitar Dreamers/Guitar Ministries brought 6 quality guitars and an acoustic bass and left them with the school their for their teaching and worship ministry.

5 guitars for Moldova

by Carlton Jones Guitar Presentation, Charity, World Service Carlton Jones with Guitars to be given away

Carlton Jones with Guitars to be given away

Moldova and Romania Trip Big Success

What an incredible journey!!! Pastors Steve Foster, Larry Miller, and myself (Carlton) spent 10 days in Moldova and Romania - the poorest country in Europe. While Steve and Larry had classes and seminars, Carlton was repairing guitars, donating guitars, and performing in various churches in these two countries. After 20 years of sending hundreds of guitars to countries all over the world, it was an experience I'll never forget to be able to deliver these great instruments to the folks in Moldova and Romania. We brought two Taylor guitars, a Yamaha, Alverez, Ibanez and a Roland Amp with pedals. They were put to good use. Thanks to all of you who help make this ministry possible.

Guitars brought tears

by Carlton Jones daniel abrego, guitar ministries Daniel Abrego Corpus Christi, TX

Daniel Abrego Corpus Christi, TX

Ministry helps start Kids Guitar Class in Corpus Christi

Daniel Abrego told us "I found the Guitar Ministries web site by 'accident.' I know God led me to it. God laid it on my heart to minister to my old neighborhood back in Robstown, TX. All I knew to do was start a guitar class with the kids in this drug torn area. I sent an email to Guitar Ministries hoping it would be answered in a month or two. However, that very night Mr. Jones answered my email, and I had 10 beautiful guitars the next week. With tears in my eyes, I thank you Mr. & Mrs. Jones."






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